peeq pro offers an innovative solution to refresh the eyes.



About Us


Peeq Pro was co-founded by optometrists, Dr. Cheryl Chapman and Dr. Chris Wolfe, who wanted a better solution to clean lids and lashes. Together, with skincare experts, they’ve formulated a signature Eyelid & Facial Cleanser and built a novel and customizable delivery system, ensuring patients receive the best products to meet their specific needs. Peeq Pro combines luxurious skincare with direct-to-consumer convenience.

Peeq Pro provides a better solution to the problem of chronic dry eye by:

  • Improving patient care and compliance
  • Providing patients with access to products at a lower price compared to other retail and online options

peeq pro is a doctor-recommended, direct-to-patient subscription program that improves patient care and compliance.

How It Works

Peeq Pro’s program is easy to use. See for yourself.

Why Peeq Pro?


Luxurious skincare that cleans and cares for the fragile eyelid ecosystem.


Expertly formulated by optometrists to provide convenience for Dry Eye Protocol, ​​Orthokeratology, and many other optometric advances.

Cost Efficient

Enrolling in the subscription program saves patient’s money. Products are less expensive than products purchased from Amazon or other retailers.


Direct to patient shipping ensures that patients purchase the right products and always have recommended products on hand.


Participating practices carry less inventory and patients receive their doctor recommended products straight to their door every 90 days with direct to patient shipping.

grow your business with our direct-to-patient subscription program.

Learn how Peeq Pro can help you scale your business and earn recurring, passive income when you recommend Peeq Pro to your patients.

peeq waiva

The only at-home cleansing device designed for daily use to gently and effectively clean eyelids and the skin around eyes.

When used consistently as part of a patient’s at-home eye cleansing routine, Peeq Waiva will improve eye hygiene and may reduce dry eye symptoms.

Available through innovative Optometrists’ offices.


See why doctors and patients love the Peeq Pro program.

“In my office I have worked with about 4 different foam cleansers over time and I feel like Peeq Pro’s is superior to all of them in terms of user experience, the way it makes your skin feel, and the way eyes feel after it has been used.”

-Dr. C


“Before Peeq Pro I used a different eye makeup remover and it would leave my eyes very oily. Peeq Pro is a good mixture that is not oily or dry.”


“I have been using the cleanser for over a year.  I like how clean my eyes feel!”


“Other brands are very effective at debulking the lids for bacteria but they don’t have much impact on demodex.”

-Dr. W

“Love the cleanser! Previously my eyelids were flaky all the time (yuk!) and I’d get an occasional blepharitis flare up. I have been using the Peeq cleanser to wash my face and eyelids for a year now, and those symptoms are all but gone.”

-Tracy H